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Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah and Jewish Wedding Planning and Resource Guide

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

Take the Guesswork out of Planning by Putting the Guessing In!
A Great Idea for Cocktail Hour
By Matthew King of Good Times Karaoke/DJs
(Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-321-8030)

The quest for great fun and entertainment for cocktail hour is a difficult process. Here is something you may not have thought of. Have a game show! Game shows have become an exciting new way to keep the kids entertained during cocktail hour.

Everyone has dreamed of being a contestant on a TV game show. This basic desire is the driving force behind the success of games shows focusing on pure entertainment.

The game works well for groups of 10-120 and here is how it works: three of four people at a time are selected to become contestants for each round. The rounds are relatively short; this gives everyone a chance to become a contestant. The number of player positions dictates the number of contestants per round. Most entertainment companies have three or four player positions although some have as many as sixteen. With contestants in place, the host asks questions. After each question, one of the contestants (the first one to hit the button) will lockout the other player positions. At this point a sound is created through the sound system, the player position illuminates and the microphone at that position is activated-just like a real TV game show! If the contestant answers correctly, he or she receives the points. If they are wrong, points can be deducted, but usually are not. The game continues in this manner until the point when a winner is declared. A small prize is usually given to the winner of each round.

Throughout the country, entertainment companies offer the game show under a variety of names. The most common is Game Show Mania, but others include Game Show Madness and Quiz Show. With a good game show host, everybody wins because the children have fun and may even learn something. Do not get me wrong, these game shows are not just for the kids. Once the adults see the children enjoying themselves, they want to play too!

Ask your favorite entertainment company if they offer Game Show Mania or game show entertainment. Then enjoy your cocktail party!

Adding Tradition
Too much "Bar" and not enough "Mitzvah" isn't good for your Simcha!
by Michael Pasternak, creator of THE AMAZING BOTTLE DANCERS (800-716-0556),

DJs today can include MTV type dancers at your party. Bar and Bat Mitzvah themes range from Star Wars to "Elvis." These are certainly fun and exciting, but with the exception of "Uncle Sidney" doing the motzi (the blessing on the bread), no one would really have a clue what they're really there to celebrate.

As a result, more and more people are choosing a very "new" theme lately. It's called "Bar Mitzvah!" What a concept! Actually, you don't even have to abandon any of your creative and fun ideas, but to paraphrase the title of Jeffrey K. Salkin's popular book on Bar Mitzvah's: Don't Forget to Put G-d on the Guest List!

Whether it's having as a centerpiece a basket of canned goods to be donated to Sova, or a Klezmer band playing during the cocktail reception, there are ways to add some Jewishness and have fun! There's also a variety of Jewish themes such as: The Tree of Life, Jewish Heros, Israel (complete with a back drop of The Western Wall), or as a design for each table or food station, famous Synagogues throughout the world.

Think about it. There's a sameness to most Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. (An hour of hors d'oeuvres, followed by the typical introduction of the family, and a video montage.) These are all important parts of any celebration, but finally, here's a chance to add something so wonderful, so unique, your guests will not only appreciate and enjoy it, they'll find it refreshing! After all, a little tradition never hurt!

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