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Honeymoon Planning

Five Romantic Honeymoon Locations
by Stephanie O'Neil

A honeymoon is one of the best times that a couple can share together. It may be the first time that couples will feel that they are married and may be together for the rest of their lives. Marriage is something to celebrate. What better place to celebrate a honeymoon than in some of the most romantic locations in the world? Restaurants, attractions and romantic locations are worth considering when you choose a honeymoon destination. Oahu, New York, San Francisco, Venice and Aspen are five of the most romantic cities in the world and are perfect for honeymoons.

Oahu is the heart of Hawaii. From romantic breath taking sites to Hawaiian culture, this city is ideal for honeymoons. There are a variety of both active and relaxing attractions, all of course, which are romantic. There are beautiful botanical gardens where newlyweds can view tropical flowers and experience the nation’s largest collection of tropical plants. Pali Highway is a very romantic spot that guests can drive through. The road cuts trough a rainforest and provides stunning views of Nu`unu. If you prefer more impelling activities, couples can go on a Maita`I Catamaran Sunset Sailing expedition. Passengers will sail off into the romantic sunset passing by volcanoes and the cityscape of Honolulu. In addition, couples can hop aboard Dinner Cruise and Honolulu City Lights Flight. Visitors are served a romantic Hawaiian style Dinner on the Navatek I. Afterwards there is a helicopter ride over Waikiki Beach. Restaurants are an essential aspect of any honeymoon. This island offers a wide variety of food. From Hoku Restaurant's Asian, Hawaiian and Contemporary cuisine to seafood at Orchid's Restaurant, there are plenty of appetizing entrees to make visitors' mouths' water. However, one cannot forget the gorgeous beaches. Waikiki Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the United States. Sit back, relax and enjoy the hot Hawaiian sun while sipping on a refreshing beverage. Guests have personal attendants that will cater to their every need. Between the intimacy of hotels, spas, beaches, scenery and pampering, Oahu is the ultimate honeymoon destination for beach lovers.

Intimate restaurants with candlelit tables, stunning places to stay, city atmosphere, nightlife and carriage rides are all part of the fabulous passionate city of New York. Honeymooners will have an endless amount of excitement. The restaurants are to die for. Whether you choose Capsouto's French food, Cantinori’s Italian food or One if by Land, Two if by Sea's seafood, couples will be satisfied. There are many romantic attractions that newlyweds can do together. Carriage rides through Central Park are one of the most popular activities that New York has to offer. When it is cold out, carriage drivers provide blankets which make the ride even more fairytale like. The New York Wine Cork is a vineyard where guests walk through actual grape fields and then at the end, sample wines. For those who like to be more active, they can go to City Island. This island has paths for biking or walking. Rockefeller Center is very romantic, making the atmosphere enchanting. Ice-skating here during the winter season is enjoyable. For one of the most amazing views of New York, honeymooners have to go to the Empire State Building. Although it is very tall and has too many steps, once at the top, guests will be glad they made the long trip. Of course, you cannot leave New York with visiting Tiffany & Co. for some fine jewelry.

San Francisco is a city of timeless elegance. The rolling hills and beautiful views of land and sea make this part of California so romantic and a top location for honeymooners. The Golden Gate Bridge is probably one of the best-known attractions in San Francisco. Visitors can walk on the actual bridge itself or enjoy a quiet romantic boat ride around it. Also, what better way is there to view the city than in a cable car attached to a wire hundreds of feet above the ground? After all the beautiful sights that newlyweds have just seen, an appetite is worked up. San Francisco offers a variety of appetizing restaurants. Baraka Restaurant is known for its delicious French and Mediterranean Food. Naharani Fantasy Room is very romantic and incredibly pleasurable. Diners will sit on the floor in their private room and eat heavenly Indian food by hand. After dinner, dessert is essential. Soul mates can head down to North Beach, an Italian neighborhood. North Beach has romantic cafes with great desserts. Or, if guests prefer a more tranquil environment, the Japanese Tea Garden is very romantic. While enjoying a relaxing cup of tea, waterfalls and ponds surround the tables, making the environment very peaceful and calm.

Venice, Italy is notorious for its gondola rides. What is more romantic that sitting close to your spouse while getting a tour of the breath-taking city? Nothing. However, the Rialto Bridge comes extremely close. Guests can walk on the bridge and absorb the beauty and scenery of the Grand Canal. In addition, visitors can experience the taste of a variety of wines at Friuli Vineyard. There are many places for fine dining experiences in Venice. Because Italy is so close to the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean food is impeccable. For delectable Mediterranean food, newlyweds should pay a visit to DePisis. For those who want a different style of food, Ristorante Masanillo has high quality Neapolitan. Overall, Venice is a very quiet and intimate honeymoon location.

Aspen is no longer just a winter honeymoon location. This romantic Colorado city has plenty of activities and attractions for any season of the year. Of course during the winter there are all kinds of enjoyable outdoor activities that couples can do together. There is the traditional skiing and snowboarding on the stunning mountains of Aspen with various hills for all different skill levels. Also, snowmobiles are becoming more popular. However, after a cold day of being outdoors, going into the ski lodge is a must. Curl up with your honey in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. The lodges are very quiet and intimate. With a picturesque atmosphere, guests will not want to leave. During warmer times of the year, there are numerous biking and walking paths at hand. While in Aspen, couples should consider visiting Maroon Bells. This location is one of the most photographed in the world. Here, tourists can see national forests and many different species. During the off-season, this area can be driven through also. The Food and Wine Magazine Classic at Aspen is very popular during the spring. The world’s greatest chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Laura Werlin show off their world-renowned specialty dishes. Not only do food lovers eat but they also taste the world’s greatest wines. During the summer, Aspen Theater in the Park is quite an amazing event. For many decades now, a theater company has been performing famous plays. Romantic restaurants include Syzygy, French, Asian, and Italian food and Pine Creek Cookhouse has American, Seafood, and Contemporary styles of cooking.

Choosing a romantic honeymoon location is one the most exciting parts about getting married. Nevertheless, there are so many locations to consider and so many expectations that guests have. Those who are about to get married want a honeymoon full of romance, diversion, and relaxation. Not all cities have something for everyone. Whether lying on the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, relaxing during a romantic carriage ride through New York, eating at a North Beach café in San Francisco, absorbing the views of the Grand Canal in Venice or hitting the slopes in Aspen, is your idea of a romantic honeymoon, all five of these locations are perfect in their own ways.

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