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Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah and Jewish Wedding Planning and Resource Guide

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Words of Wisdom From Parents Who've Been There
Taste the food first before signing a contract with the caterer.
Remind your DJ/band that some songs may not be appropriate (Jingle Bell Rock) or some lyrics may not be desirable.
Take the time to prepare lists for the DJ/band, photographer/videographer, and caterer (i.e. Aliyot honorees, which guests to photograph, candle lighting sayings, agenda etc.)
Include in your contract the DJ/band's and photographer's arrival time for the reception. You could have a big problem if these key people are late.
Design a travel packet for your out-of-town guests with directions, rental car information, sights to see, etc.
Make sure your vendors have experience with Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and not just weddings.
Consider not serving liquor. Children may try to sneak it, guests will be driving home, and it can be expensive.
Be prepared for "no shows", it always happens.
The dance floor size is very important. People need lots of room to dance the "Horah" and other popular favorites.
Use a loose-leaf binder to organize all your contracts, vendors, and service providers.
Have a family discussion about the type of party you will have. Choose the kind of affair that suits your budget and taste and not others.
Don't forget to book a block of rooms for out-of-town guests. The worst thing would be unavailability of rooms on your weekend due to a holiday or big conference/wedding planned for the same time.
You could arrange to have welcome baskets delivered to the hotel rooms of your out-of-town guests.
Hire a party planner!
Slouch socks are nice to offer to the girls, they like to kick off their shoes and dance comfortably.
Be sure to check accessibility of hotel or reception choice for your disabled or elderly guests.
Start checking the post office for stamps that could match envelopes for theme.
Order extra invitations for welcome board, memory books, and framing.
Order Thank You notes at the same time you order invitations.
You can use cover stock (heavy-weight paper) from art stores and your computer to create beautiful, inexpensive invitations.
Place toiletries in restroom of the reception hall for your guests to use.

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